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The only business to business publication in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Issue #5 Celebrating Women in Business: We keep it local!

pg. 6 Publisher’s Letter
pg. 8 Workplace Morale Boosters
pg. 11 MVP - Schooner Woodwind
pg. 13 How do you elevate?
pg. 15 Family Business Things to Consider
pg. 16 Pets in the Workplace
pg. 19 Mindset & the Trusted Advisor
pg. 20 Work-Life Balance: Find Bliss
pg. 23 MVP - The Davis Group
pg. 24 Family Business: The Next Generation
pg. 27 Buy or Lease?
pg. 28 Business and Executive Coaching
pg. 31 MVP - Crow Vineyard
pg. 32 Google Adwords
pg. 34 Coaching Leadership Agility
pg. 37 MVP - The Drawing Board
pg. 38 Hiring Millennials

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